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Child Honoring:

How To Turn This World Around

Sharna Olfman joins Raffi Cavoukian to introduce Child Honoring— a children-first approach to global restoration

"A bold vision for a humane and sustainable world, one that honours our moral obligation to our children." Robert F Kennedy Jr, environmentalist, co-author of The Riverkeepers

"This groundbreaking volume is the result of a unique editorial collaboration between two highly dedicated child advocates : acclaimed family musician Raffi Cavoukian and author/scholar Sharna Olfman. Bringing together an outstanding team of experts from diverse disciplines, the editors have created a moving account of the dire political, economic, ecological, and psychological state of the world's children. Through convincing statistics, insightful research evidence, and empathetic prose, the chapters not only clarify the many profound challenges facing children but also offer workable solutions to their ever-growing problems. An indispensable resource for parents, educators, and mental health professionals, and one with a compelling, unified voice strong enough to induce policy makers to start "turning this world around"." Laura E. Berk University Distinguished Professor Department of Psychology, Illinois State University

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